Canadian Fly Fishing Adventures at Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort

Fresh water fishing for Rainbow trout in the quiet solitude of our wilderness lakes and rivers is the angler's ultimate fishing vacation — a 5-star Canadian fly fishing experience. In this secluded and peaceful setting, you'll be disturbed only by the splash of big fish dancing on the end of your line.

Classic river fly fishing at Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort   Heading off on a Canadian fly fishing adventure at Siwash Lake   Fish On!

The Cariboo region's rivers, lakes and streams provide spawning, rearing and foraging habitat for BC's legendary rainbow trout.

At Siwash, prolific fly hatches, a nutrient rich environment and clear, cold waters make a fantastic fishing destination. This is an angler's paradise. Remote and pristine, it provides both the perfect habitat for trout and a refreshing oasis of wilderness solitude for the fisherman.

At the ranch's rearing pond, our angling guides coach guests in the art of fly-casting and fly-tying. The lake itself is stocked with rainbow trout and when our fat, sporty rainbows are on your line, they are exceedingly playful! While on the lake, you can fly fish from one of our special flat bottom drift boats rigged with an ultra-quiet electric engine.
  Rainbow Trout caught on Siwash Lake

We ask that all guests interested in fishing do the half day Intro to the Art of Fly Fishing session with a guide, and following that they may fish by themselves unguided on Siwash at anytime between dawn and dusk. All fishing equipment is supplied by the resort including your fishing license, boat, net, rods, reels, flies, and waders for the river. To protect future stores we encourage the practice of catch and release.

Classic River Fly Fishing at Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort


Classic River Fly Fishing

The River Safari offers classic river fly fishing in the wild. And during our Waterfalls and Fire Ecology Hike™, there is the opportunity for both types of fishing in a beautiful volcanic lake and the river that flows into it — you can do traditional spin casting from shore and river bank, or fly fish — whatever your pleasure. 

Wherever you fish while on your Siwash holiday, your guide will help you "match the hatch" and perfect your dry fly and wet fly techniques, using both floating and sinking line.

All levels are welcome, beginner through advanced — and the one-on-one personal attention we're famous for ensures that the fishing is tailored for your specific wishes.